Marcellus’ On Lycanthropy or Cynanthropy.

Those seized by the disease called cynanthropy or lycanthropy  go out for the whole night in the month of February imitating wolves or dogs in every way, wandering, especially around graveyards, until morning. You can recognize those affected with it by the following signs: they are pale, they look weak, their eyes dry and they shed no tears. You should see their eyes are hollow, tongue dry and they produce no saliva at all. They are also thirsty and they have incurable wounds on their legs from continuous falls and the bites of dogs.

These are the signs of their condition. One should know that lycanthropy is a form of melancholia, which you will treat at the time of the onset of symptoms by cutting a vein, evacuating the blood to the point of fainting, and having the patient follow a diet of rich food. Let them bathe in sweet water baths, then after you have administered whey from milk for three days, purge using Rufus’, Archigenes’ or Justus’ wonder-drug prepared with colocynth, administering it at intervals two or three times. After purging, theriac from vipers is to be used and the other things mentioned before in the case of melancholia are to be given as well. In the evening, when the disease has already come on, use ointments for the head and those perfumes that cause sleep. Rub the nostrils with opium. Give an occasional hypnotic to drink, as well.


Marcellus Sideta On Lycanthropy. A translation of the first account of werewolves, Ancient Medicine Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin